Proposal and design of heat-treatment devices / Sales of casting parts by lost-wax investment casting process

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Privacy Policy

Itsuwa Kogyo co., LTD. (Hereafter, called our company) thinks that it is an important obligation to treat individual information related to the customer properly, and provides a “Protection of Individual Information Policy” as follows.

(1) Our company will observe the law concerning protection of individual information and other standards.

(2) Our company doesn’t collect individual information without obtaining the customer’s permission. Moreover, our company will collect only the necessary amount of individual information needed to reply to the inquiry or job offer application from the transmission form.

(3) Our company never release individual information provided from customers to third party, except when corresponding to the following information.

  • ・When there is agreement from the person in question
  • ・When it is admitted that disclosing and sharing information is necessary to provide the product and the service that the customer wants
  • ・When our business partners (manufacturer, distributors, maintenance services, check service company, and subsidiary companies) needs the information to accomplish the development of the matter at hand from which the customer is requested or a formal indication.
  • ・When it is necessary to protect our and customer’s right, property, service, and safety because of the user’s violation of the agreement for use and the guideline on the site.

(4) While appropriately and strictly maintaining the personal data of customer’s, our company strives to prevent unauthorized access to the data or the leakage, loss, or damage of the data and continually enhances and remedies our security management.

(5) Our company will make all reasonable efforts to respond promptly whenever a customer contacts us with an inquiry about personal information provided by that customer or with a request for changes relating to that information.

(6) Our company will comply with applicable ordinances and guidelines regarding protection of personal information in our possession, and will continue to enhance the company’s Privacy Policy as occasion may demand.

July 18th 2008
President Moritake Hattori

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