Proposal and design of heat-treatment devices / Sales of casting parts by lost-wax investment casting process



Since the establishment of 1988, we have earnestly worked on the pursuit of high quality under our management policy—“Environment-friendly Monozukuri.” We positively continue to propose the design and manufacture the products that customers can be satisfied with, thus our position in the field of the heat-treatment devices has been built up steadily.
We single-mindedly express our gratitude with the patronage of every manufacturer as well as every customer.
What we’re always aiming is the harmony with the environment and to be a good member of the society. We promise to make every effort at supplying “high-quality, high-performance, ecological, and long-lived” heat-treatment devices.

*Monozukuri is a Japanese word which means advanced manufacturing based on a belief in craftsmanship.

President of Itsuwa Kogyo: Moritake Hattori

Company Profile

Company Name Itsuwa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
President Moritake Hattori
Head Office 3-510, Chohai, Nagagute-shi, Aichi, Japan
TEL : 0561-63-2141
FAX : 0561-63-2128
Group Company&Partnership Company
  • 【Group Company 】
  • Capital 10,000,000 JPY
    Establishment June 29th 1988
    Accounting Period End of December
    Business Activities
    1. Planning, Design, Manufacturing and Sales of Heat-treatment Devices
    2. Sales of Various Casting Parts
    3. Oversea Trading Business
    Major Products
    1. 【Heat-treatment devices】
    2. Various kinds of heat resistant cast steel
      Lost-Wax Process Investment Casting, sand-mold casting, welding, wire net.
    3. 【Parts for the heat-treatment furnace】
    4. Heater-tube, and so on.
    5. 【Various Casting and Machining Parts】
    6. Regardless of a type of industry, the size of the parts, and the number of the production, your inquiry is always welcome.
    7. 【Over Sea Trading Business】
    8. Oversea procurement, trading (industrial products)
    9. Area: the United States, EU, East Asia, and so on.
    Major Bank The bank of Nagoya, Ltd. Nagakute Branch
    Past Achievements
    • Aisin AW Co., Ltd.
    • Aisin AW Industries Co., Ltd.
    • Oriental Engineering Co., Ltd.
    • Kaneta Kogyo Co., Ltd.
    • Gifukato manufacturing Corporation
    • JTEKT Corporation
    • Tanaka Seimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
    • Chuo Koki Co., Ltd.
    • Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
    • Yutaka Seimitsu Kogyo., Ltd.
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    Area Map

    【Head Office Area Map】

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    Corporate Belief

    To satisfy the customer’s demand, we try to make an attentive suggestion after conducting a further examination.

    “Stable product quality,” “increasing loading quantity,” “accuracy of devices,” “lightening,” “extending device’s life,” and “lowering cost” so on… These characteristics are strongly claimed by the customers.
    Our mission in the field of the heat-treatment is to develop the heat-treatment devices into the best for the customers without any complacency for the status quo. We’re pleased to be given a chance to show our unique ability to offer a total design service.

    Our know-how cultivated for years with the spirit of “Monozukuri” enables us to invent products of high stability and accuracy.

    Ensuring the steady quality and the accuracy of the products, increasing loading quantity, reducing cost, and lengthening the product longevity…our every proposal is just for better society and environment.

    We place emphasis on design, material, and technique for manufacturing, while considering the preservation of the global environment according to our management policy “environment-friendly Monozukuri.”
    In order to meet the various demands of the customers, we make arrangement many times with customers from the different points of view, and then we suggest the plans that include the effect of the strength calculation and the stress analysis. Such careful arrangements and frequent site checks can add more value to our products, in consequence; our experience, idea, know-how, and achievement enable us to acquire customers’ confidence.

    【Group Company】DALIAN SAKABE INVESTMENT CASTING CO, LTD. (Dalian, China)

    The factory, China-Japan joint venture, can offer the products with “high quality of Japan” and “low price of China.”
    They are able to cope with precision parts with hard processes.

    【Overseas Partner】Micro Metalsmiths Ltd. (England)

    Micro Metalsmiths Ltd.

    Address:Kirkdale Road, Kirkbymoorside, York, YO62 6PX
    H P:
    Catalog:catalog MM Precision castings.pdf (804KB)

    Their history as a precision investment casting manufacturer started about 50 years ago at the north Yorkshire in England. Their distinguished casting process, “MM casting” enables them to manufacture complex and minute products with nonferrous metals. They are energetically extending their business to various industries such as aviation, automobile, military, food, and music-instrument, and so on.

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    Participation in “Challenge 25 Campaign”

    We have joined “Challenge 25 Campaign,” the national movement for the global warming prevention suggested by Ministry of the Environment. We’re working on this Campaign as challengers through suggestion of eco-friendly products as well as daily eco-activity.

    Participation in “Challenge 25 Campaign”

    Office temperature

    We set the air-conditioning at 28 degrees in summer and at 20 degrees in winter.

    Office temperature

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