Proposal and design of heat-treatment devices / Sales of casting parts by lost-wax investment casting process



The materials should be changed depending on the heat-treatment equipment, the specification, and the method of manufacturing.
We can recommend the right material for you based on the content of hearing and the meeting.

For Lost-wax Investment Casting Process

【You can check the chart of the material and the standard allowance.】

material-list.pdf (75KB)

get adobe reader  PDF file viewer software is necessary.

Design Process for Heat-Treatment Devices
From Design To Delivery


  • Confirmation of the request, the site evaluation, and the spec of heat-treatment equipment
  • Confirmation of the parts information (shape, weight, position etc.)
  • Budget planning
  • Confirmation of the schedule up to the delivery
  • Proposal of manufacturing method


  • Starting to design based on the content of the meeting
  • Hearing and suggestion
  • Analysis of the strength and thermal expansion

Final check of the drawing

  • Final check of the assembly chart
  • Final report on the parts information (total quantity, gross weight, position etc.)
  • Submission of the estimate
  • Confirmation of the deadline

Formal Order

  • Submission of the drawing


  • Starting to manufacture by each process.
    ・ Lost-wax investment casting process
    ・ Sand-mold casting process
    ・ Welding process

Interim Report

  • Progress Report
  • X-ray Inspection of Casting Products
  • Interim Inspection
  • Report of the problems

Final Inspection

  • Appearance Check
  • Dimensional Check
  • Inspection by Gauges

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