Proposal and design of heat-treatment devices / Sales of casting parts by lost-wax investment casting process

Heat-Resistant Casting Steel by Lost-Wax Investment Casting Process

【Heat-Treatment Devices】Heat-Resistant Casting Steel by Lost-Wax Investment Casting Process

“Lost-Wax Investment Casting Process”
brings out the maximum exquisiteness of our design.

Heat-treatment devices repeat expansions and shrinkages by the heat, so the joint created by the welding process could be the cause of shortening their lives.
Therefore, “Lost-Wax Investment Casting Process” is the best way to produce the heat-treatment devices because the process enables us to cast the complex figure in a body, precisely and smoothly.
This process makes it possible to materialize our thin-walled design.

Our group factory in Dalian, China has had many experiences of manufacturing thin-walled and big-sized devices that are said to be difficult to be cast in a body.
We always work in close cooperation with the factory. We consistently has the manufacturing, quality, and due date under perfect control, so we can comply with the wishes of the customers at once.
We’re preparing for not only general heat-resistant casting steels but also our original high-Nickel materials. We’re able to suggest better ideas by choosing suitable materials to the heat-treatment conditions of the customer.

“What is Lost-Wax Investment Casting Process?”

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The Chart of the Materials and the General Tolerances

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